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Weeding and Prevention

We provide our customers with many options when it comes to weeds and how to get rid of them. First, we make sure that the weeds are cleared properly, which means from the roots. We will hand pull the weeds or we will completely tiller the soil of the infected area, making sure the weeds are completely gone. There is a reason the term, “growing like a weed” is so common, they grow fast, given the opportunity. If not treated the right way- by removing the roots and the entire weed, we can prevent this from happening, or at least slow it down significantly.

We can treat the area with weed killer, either regular or organic. Once treated we will install mulch around the plants and over the areas treated. With the right amount of mulch, 2 inches or so, weeds will not have the ability to take root again, making your garden and lawn virtually wed free.

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