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Mulch isn’t just for aesthetic reasons; it is an important step in the proper irrigation for your yard. The proper amount of mulch around plants and shrubs can help the plants regulate the amount of water they drink and take in. The mulch creates a viper barrier so that the soil keeps most and, as we’ve seen throughout our area, keep it from cracking. Mulch is important to the health of your home… Why? Because without mulching the soil can erode or in some cases become too damp, creating mud which can sit against the foundation of your home causing damage to the woodwork. Don’t allow this to happen. Simple maintenance  and evaluation can prevent this from happening.


Different  Mulch

Did you know that not all mulch is created or made the same? There are a large variety of different types of mulch that we work with and that you can choose from.


  1. Made cedar and pine with a medium consistency, Shredded bark works best on hills because of its small size which will keep it from washing away. An added benefit is that because of its already small, shredded design, it will decompose quicker than others, bringing additional nutritarians into your soil and around your plants.

  2. Pine Straw or pine needles area also useful on hills and slopes due to their ability to stay in place. We use this around plants and shrubs such as rhododendrons.

  3. Bark nuggets are best for areas that are flat, around plants and within flat gardens. These are the larger of the mulch options and the most common. They come in a variety of colors to choose from including dark black, brown and red. We can provide samples for you to choose from the decide which of the options and colors are best for you and your yard.

We recommend that all mulch be at least two and a half inches deep, no matter which type you go with. This thinness will allow the mulch to cover the area sufficiently as well as do what it’s intended to do, keep the moisture in the soil.

Note- Recently many landscapers throughout the country have been using rubber mulch which is made of recycled tires. While this material is often used in children’s play areas for its softness and ability to hold up to traffic, we don’t recommend it to our Jacksonville NC clients. The hot sun heats up the black tires quickly making it difficult to walk on. The black tires also reflect the sunlight, making the area hot which can cause damage to wood walls and paint… There is also the smell. When heated up the tires give off a rubber synthetic small, which many find offensive.

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