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Our Short List of Services

(call us for more- or for special projects).


Planting and Plant design

Pool Deck and Patio Landscaping

Outdoor lighting

Patio and Walkways

Retaining Walls


Sold Installation and maintenance

New Construction/ Reconstruction

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About Us

We are an eco-friendly landscape design company. We will help expand your living and enjoyable space from indoors to outdoors.


Special rates for Active-Duty Marine and families


Serving the city of Jacksonville North Carolina, home to the Marine  Corps base Camp Lejeune and Marine Corps Air Station New River.


We provide mowing, trimming, tree service, pruning and full debris removal. We can help construct stone pathways, patios and create garden edging and ledges. We work with commercial or residential clients- no job is too big or too small for our dedicated team of professional landscapers. We are a full team of experienced professionals in the landscaping business.

If you just searched for a "lawn care specialist near me" congratulations, you found us :-) 

Full-Service Landscaping

We are a full-service landscaping design and maintenance company proudly serving the Jacksonville North Carolina area.

From large properties to small rental properties, we’ll help enhance your property, maintain it and develop it, all at reasonable rates. We work directly with our customers in the design process and even the maintenance process. You’ve worked hard to make you home comfortable for you and your family, now let us help make the outside equally appealing.

We can do as much or as little as you say, you are in charge. Our goal is to provide you full service and value that you will be proud of. We offer re-seeding, sod, planting, trimming, tree service, and hardscape/ landscape services. 

Small Yards Our Specialty

Even if your yard is small, you still may want to use our services. Our rates are reasonable and we go beyond just the regular lawn care and weed whacking. We can take any area of lawn and grass and beautify it so that it enhances the beauty of your home. Even if you lot is small, it’s not worth your time to maintain it yourself- call us for a free estimate and we’ll amaze you at our abilities.

Our Services

Serving Jacksonville, NC and the surrounding communities. Our services include: 


Lawn Care




Outdoor Structures​

Move Out Cleanups

Reasonable Rates
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Reasonable Rates and Schedule

Our rates are reasonable. We have packages available for weekly, bi-weekly or monthly lawn care and maintenance. We’ll schedule and arrange the best program for your lawn care and budget needs. If you are a homeowner, renter or property manager, call us for details and packages. If  you are looking for a long-term service or a short-term cleanup, we’ll be happy to work with you.

Regular maintenance lawn and garden services is cheaper in the long run, allowing the lawn or yard to get overgrown can lead to a greater cost.

Water Sprinkler


We will evaluate your landscape and lawn and plantings. If an erosion system is needed, we can provide a full system or recommend one to you. We will provide the best system and design for the best use of water throughout your property. We don’t believe in wasting water, and we are sure you agree, therefore all our systems are set up so that they are only operational when necessary. We will evaluate your soil and determine the best amount of water necessary to keep your lawn and plants healthy while keeping your water bills down.

Prevent Flooding

Your landscape architecture and the earth/ dirt around your home is key to preventing flooding of your home. Proper grading, planting, rocks, etc. can all help in this process, while looking good too. We will determine the best pitch of your ground soil, grading it away from your home. Plantings near downspouts and gutters, can help in the process of soaking up excess water. Often people will overlook this important step when installing downspouts. While necessary, they are often unsightly, wouldn’t you prefer to see nice plantings- let us show you a number of plants and shrubs we work with that can provide soil absorption while looking pretty at the same time. If the home is a rental or your primary residence, we can help create an eye appealing landscape that fits the budget and gets attention.

Full-Service Cleanup

We can provide a full-service cleanup of your property, clearing shrubs, leaves, tree branches, and even dog waste from your yard and property.

We’ve worked with a number of landlords and property management companies who have had the dubious task of having to clean up after a tenant has moved out. While we don’t take care of cleanups on the inside of the home, we’d be happy to help with the outside. The front lawn, backyard, etc. We’d be happy to provide our services to you, with a free estimate. We work with all local property managers and property management companies in the area. We understand when a Marine has to be deployed and what a sacrifice it is- We will work with you to make it as pain free as possible. Worry about your family, not the yard. 

Weeding and Prevention

We provide our customers with many options when it comes to weeds and how to get rid of them. First, we make sure that the weeds are cleared properly, which means from the roots. We will hand pull the weeds or we will completely tiller the soil of the infected area, making sure the weeds are completely gone. There is a reason the term, “growing like a weed” is so common, they grow fast, given the opportunity. If not treated the right way- by removing the roots and the entire weed, we can prevent this from happening, or at least slow it down significantly.

We can treat the area with weed killer, either regular or organic. Once treated we will install mulch around the plants and over the areas treated. With the right amount of mulch, 2 inches or so, weeds will not have the ability to take root again, making your garden and lawn virtually wed-free.

Yes, a little prevention can go a long way- don't let the weeds take over- let us treat your lawn, planters and gardens to prevent the weeds before they take over your lawn. Call us at 910-665-7519 for a free, no obligation estimate. 

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Rental Property Maintenance


Are you a landlord with a property rental in Jacksonville North Carolina? We can work directly with you, your tenant or your property management company to maintain and enhance your properties appearance. We also work with local real estate professionals for yard cleanups and revitalizations for that perfect curb appeal look that will help your home rent or sell quickly.


Move Out Clean Ups

Do you have a tenant that has moved out? Need to re-list the property. The landscape is one of the most important parts in the re-rental appeal. Ask any local realtor (we work with many of them) they will tell you that the prospective tenant is just as concerned with the look of the front lawn as they are with the kitchen countertops and bathroom sinks. We can quickly provide cleanup service and enhancement of any landlord owned property. Out of state? No problem, we can work with your realtor, tenant association, property management company or you directly. We will provide before and after photos of each step and give you a free estimate of what we believe should be done to bring your property up to speed for a fast re-rental.

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Sod or Seeding

You may be wondering if Sod is necessary or seeding will work. This is a tough decision. While sod is obviously the fastest solution to bare dirt it may not be the most practical. A partial sodding project can be done, or we can prepare the soil, area and location for seeding. Seeding is obviously the most cost-effective action, but it will take time to grow. Our seeding methods are state-of-the-art and we are happy to report that every seed (well almost) that we plant, grows and flourishes quickly.

We can help you decide on sod or seed, just give us a call and we’ll evaluate your yard and give you a free estimate for both options.


Mulch isn’t just for aesthetic reasons; it is an important step in the proper irrigation of your yard. The proper amount of mulch around plants and shrubs can help the plants regulate the amount of water they drink and take in. The mulch creates a viper barrier so that the soil keeps most and, as we’ve seen throughout our area, keeps it from cracking. Mulch is important to the health of your home… Why? Because without mulching the soil can erode or in some cases become too damp, creating mud that can sit against the foundation of your home causing damage to the woodwork. Don’t allow this to happen. Simple maintenance and evaluation can prevent this from happening.  MOORE MULCH INFO

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